Deep Conditioning Heat Cap (Thermal Heat Cap)


Color Girl Premium Conditioning Heat Cap is a unique microwavable heat cap that improves the penetration of Conditioner, moisture, and oil during your at home treatments. It is designed to give you flexibility and freedom while you show your hair some tender loving care with conditioning treatments done almost Kianywhere. 

Why do I need it?

It's important to perform regular deep conditioning treatments for optimum hair health. However, without heat, your deep conditioning treatment can only do so much to improve the quality of your hair. This is because the hair cuticle is typically closed, so the conditioning treatment is only able to work on the surface of the hair shaft. The results are minimal and superficial when compared to heat-enhanced deep conditioning treatments. When heat is introduced during a treatment the hair cuticle will open for an extended period of time allowing the deep conditioner to penetrate the hair shaft and really work to nourish your hair from the inside out.

Color Girl heat cap offers many Benefits:

* Made with soft microfiber cotton for comfort and wearability 

* Made with Flaxseed for consistent, gentle heat retention over time

* Uniquely stitched design to radiate heat to entire head

* Elastic perimeter to fit over most head sizes and hair 

*Highest quality of material for durability 

*Reversible for versatility 

* Fully cordless for portability and convenience 

How does it work?

Place your The Color Girl heat cap in the microwave for around 70- 85 seconds ( microwave may vary). Please set it to low heat on first use and adjust to Meduim-low or Meduim heat if the temperature is not enough. Please try not to use high heat. Please keep close eye on your cap while heating. This cap produces up to 30 minutes of gentle heat. 

Color Girl iis available in 2 colors: black and purple and is also reversible so that your look can fit your mood. When using Color Girl you will feel good about the way you look while conditioning your hair, and dramatically improve the results of your hair treatment.

How do I clean it? 

Your Color Girl Cap can be spot cleaned using warm water and a mild detergent. This tends to be sufficient since you will always be wearing a disposable or reusable plastic shower cap as a barrier between the Color Girl and your conditioner immersed hair. If your cap gets a little linty, simply roll over it with a lint roller to make it come clean again.

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