Satin Lined Beanie with Fur Pompom


 Satin Lined Beanie with fur Pompom.

Our satin lined knitted beanie is a winter hat that can be worn by adults and children, allowing your entire family to stay warm in the winter while keeping your beautiful hair on point. 

It is important to wear a satin lined beanie in order to prevent the natural oils on your hair from getting absorbed into the material. Certain materials can absorb moisture straight out of your hair which roughen up the cuticles, causing friction and leading to breakage which is not the case with our satin lined beanie. 

Our satin lined beanie benefits :

  • Does not dry out your hair
  • Promotes stronger, shinier hair
  • Reduces frizz and promotes moisture retention
  • Protects from hair loss and breakage by eliminating friction!
  • Available in 2 colours: Black & Beige

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